If you live in TN we can provide a PharmChek drugs of abuse sweat patch.  We cover the entire state of TN.  Our experienced technicians are within minutes of helping you out.

This is a state of the art adhesive plastic film that holds an absorption pad in place against the skin.  The film allows oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor to pass through so the skin can breathe normally, but larger molecules (such as drugs) are trapped in the absorption pad.  Contaminants from the outside cannot penetrate the adhesive barrier so the patch can be worn while swimming, bathing and during athletics.

The PharmChek Drugs of Abuse Patch is worn on the upper arm. The skin where the patch will be worn is thoroughly and aggressively cleaned prior to application. The drug patch should be worn for a minimum of 24 hours to ensure an adequate amount of sweat is collected.

After the patch is worn, the absorption pad is removed and sent to be tested for drugs of abuse.  Clinical studies have shown that drugs and drug metabolites on the pad are stable for days at room temperature and months in a freezer.

The PharmCheck Drug Patch is tamper-evident when applied correctly.  A unique number is imprinted on each patch to aid with chain-of-custody identification.  The drug patch is also gender neutral and eliminates the need for same sex observations.