SCRAMX – Two Solutions, Once Device

SCRAMx combines the worlds leading continuous alcohol monitoring solution with house arrest technology in one court-validated device to provide:
Dual-function Effectiveness
Two powerful offender management technologies
Single-Source Admissibility
One device that promotes unprecedented offender accountability
Triple Advantage
A three-part solution suite that integrates a best-in-class product, program model, and services portfolio
SCRAMx Product
With transdermal alcohol detection plus house arrest technology one lightweight, tamper-proof bracelet, the SCRAMx system:
  • Tests for alcohol every 30 minutes
  • Auto Downloads the data during the day to our SCRAMx database
  • Auto-transmits data from the base station by phone to ScramNet for analysis and reporting
SCRAMx Service
  • We set up and design a turnkey program customized to your needs
  • Daily offender management services including installation and orientation, report generation, alert notification and removal
  • Routine and ad hoc equipment maintenance
  • Billing and fee collection, payment plans, and program administration
  • Support and testimony for court hearings